Wil Fry Parodies Vetements With Snoop Dogg T-Shirt


Designer Wil Fry got his start thanks to his standout parody designs, and it looks like he is getting back to his roots with this latest release. Fry has just made available a new T-shirt that is a light-hearted take on Vetements’ heralded$924 Snoop Dogg tee.

The parody top features an on-model image of the Snoop tee that’s been lifted from SVMoscow. When asked about the design, Fry commented, “I think it’s important for us all to try and remember not to take things so seriously every once in a while.”

The T-shirt is sure to go fast, so you can try your hand at copping via Fry’s site for just over $100.


Source : highsnobiety

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